‘She made it her own’: Anne-Marie reacts to Ms. Everything's '2002' cover


Posted at Feb 25 2021 07:39 PM

‘She made it her own’: Anne-Marie reacts to Ms. Everything's '2002' cover 1
Screenshot from Warner Music Philippines YouTube video

British pop singer Anne-Marie said she is looking forward to a possible collaboration with internet sensation Ms. Everything after watching the latter’s cover of her song “2002.”

This after the British singer saw a clip of Ericka Camata, known as Ms. Everything, singing some verses of the song properly before changing the lyrics of the chorus. 

“She can actually sing,” Anne-Marie said in a reaction video uploaded by Warner Music Philippines on YouTube. “It was all perfect. She got all the lyrics perfect and then came the chorus. She made it her own now.”

This made the singer think of a duet between them but using Camata’s inaudible lyrics. 

“We should do a duet, a collaboration, but use her lyrics,” she said in jest. 

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Anne-Marie even claimed Ms. Everything’s version is her favorite cover of her song, saying she will not get bored watching it.

“That might be my favorite cover of ‘2002.’ I’ll watch that every week for the rest of my life,” she added. 

She also reacted to other Filipino fan covers of her song such as Kapamilya singer Morissette Amon and some contestants of “Idol Philippines.”

Anne-Marie was impressed with Amon’s rendition, saying the Filipino singer is better than her. 

“Her voice was so good. I love her tone. Just so lovely. I can listen to her singing forever. She’s better than me,” she quipped.

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