Bae Doo-na, Gong Yoo team up in upcoming Korean space drama 'The Silent Sea'


Posted at Feb 25 2021 02:58 PM


MANILA – Bae Doo-na, Gong Yoo, and Lee Joon have joined forces in the much-anticipated Korean drama series “The Silent Sea.”

The series, which will soon become available on Netflix, is a space drama set in a future where water and food almost run out on Earth due to global desertification.

A story with unexpected twists and turns, it follows the members of a special team that sets out to a research base on the moon.

“In the beginning, we thought of this as a long feature film. So that was the vision we originally had. But we’re looking at the universe within this story. We felt like it was scalable and so in the beginning, while we thought about two hours or so as a feature film, I felt like that was just not enough,” said series writer Park Eun-kyo during the “See What’s Next: Korea” event hosted by Netflix on Thursday.


“When Netflix suggested, ‘How about creating it into a series?’ I felt like that would allow us to really dive into the story and unfold the stories that I wanted to tell. I am very grateful for that,” she added.

Doo-na, who is famous for her roles in “Sense8” and “Kingdom,” plays an astrobiologist who is part of the exploration team in the abandoned facility in the moon. 

“When I saw the short film years ago, I felt like the material was amazing. Like the writer explained, I was drawn to the scalable universe and story as well. While I can’t tell you much about the show, I want to say there are about two hidden parts. I cannot tell you these two things but I was really drawn to these two secret aspects that I cannot talk of,” Doo-na said.

While this may seem to be a story that audiences could have already seen before, Doo-na said: “Our drama series has something that goes beyond [the story of a deforested earth where there is a shortage of food and water].”


Meanwhile, Joon explained why he was drawn to his part in the series.

“I have always been interested in space. I would look up on it, I would read up on the matter and so I’ve always been fascinated with the outer space. When I got the script, I thought it was really fun,” he said.

The series is directed by Choi Hang-yong with actor Jung Woo-sung as an executive producer.

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