Lady Gaga mocks hermaphrodite claims

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Posted at Feb 25 2010 10:44 AM | Updated as of Feb 25 2010 06:45 PM

Lady Gaga is planning to wear a fake penis on stage.

The "Bad Romance" singer - who has been dogged by speculation she has had a sex change or has both sets of genitals - can understand where rumors she is a hermaphrodite have come from and plans to make fun of them in an "artistic" way.

The 23-year-old star said: "I want to wear a d**k strapped to my vagina. We all know that one of the biggest talking points of the year was that I have a d**k, so why not give them what they want?

"I also carry myself onstage in a masculine way and sing in a low register. This is not of nowhere, right?

"I want to comment on that in a beautiful, artistic way. How I wanna show it. And I want to call this piece 'Lady Gaga Dies Hard'. Come on, come see me try to persuade everyone to let me wear a penis."

The controversial star - who is well known for her outlandish stunts and outrageous outfits - also blasted contradictory attitudes to sexuality, which let men be more vocal about their conquests than women.

She told Q magazine: "When a guy says, 'Oh I f***ed all these chicks this week', there's a high-five and giggling. But when a woman does it and its publicized or she's open about her sexuality or she's free or liberated, it's 'Oh, she must have a d**k'. There's a threat."