KD Estrada, Alexa Ilacad asked: 'Are you together?'


Posted at Feb 22 2022 01:09 PM


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MANILA – Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada were cornered on Tuesday when they were asked about the real score between the two of them.

Speaking during the virtual conference for their upcoming virtual fancon “Closer,” Ilacad explained that they are not yet in a relationship but they definitely have something special.

“Of course, there’s something blossoming. It’s like a picture. It’s developing,” she said.

Ilacad, however, said they have already talked about this matter and have agreed not to rush into anything serious.

“We really had this talk and I really told him na I don’t want him to get into anything serious. I don’t want him to get into a relationship yet because with so many things happening to us right now, it can get really overwhelming right now. I thought the smart and mature thing to do was to just focus on our work,” she said.

“I sound so showbiz pero 'yun kasi talaga. Honestly, it can be a bit stressful naman talaga so sabi ko if we add a relationship on top of that, it might be hard to handle na. So I think it would be better if we just enjoy each other’s company, enjoy whatever we have right now. We don’t have to rush. We just got out of the house. I don’t know how to answer the real score,” she added.

But Ilacad was quick to agree that they are “getting there” when it comes to being boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Sa totoo lang pwede na nga eh. Pero ayun nga, for me lang kasi talaga, especially for him because he’s new to all of this, I really want him to enjoy what’s happening to his career, to him. I just want everything to go so smoothly,” she said.

Meanwhile, the two also opened up about their thoughts on having relationship labels.

Stressing that this is really important between two people, Ilacad explained: “It’s something we talked about na. Sabi ko if walang label tapos you act a certain way, it can get confusing in the long run ‘di ba? What’s nice naman about KD is we always have such a very open communication… For me, it’s a must talaga so no one gets hurt.”

Estrada, meanwhile, noted that having labels doesn’t have to be restrictive.

“Labels can be something like an understanding lang that both of you have. You just set certain boundaries lang, guidelines. Kasi po we don’t want to restrict din each other sa work namin. That’s what I can say. Label doesn’t have to be one word. It can be whatever you guys want it to be basta it’s healthy for the both of you,” he said.

Agreeing with Estrada, Ilacad emphasized that it’s always important for two people who have an understanding to be on the same page.