Andi Eigenmann, family set to return to Siargao


Posted at Feb 22 2022 11:36 AM

MANILA – Andi Eigenmann is set to return to Siargao after months of living in the city since they island was devastated by typhoon Odette in December last year.

Eigenmann announced this as she posted a series of photos of her daughter Lilo on Instagram.

“Last series of snaps with this concrete jungle as background,” she said.

“I know the scenic coconut trees will still not be as lush and green as it used to be, but to us, there's just no place like home,” she added.

Eigenmann and her fiancé, champion surfer Philmar Alipayo, have long resided on the island, where they have also been raising their children.

Their popular vlog, in fact, is called “Happy Islanders,” as it chronicled their life in Siargao — a tropical paradise from many tourists, but to them, home.

Last month, Eigenmann admitted “having a tough time assessing how I feel,” in the aftermath of Odette.

“But I realize, never mind that for now because after all of life’s uncertainty, there's still so much to be grateful for,” she wrote.

Eigenmann’s family has been staying in Metro Manila since the holidays.

She and Alipayo have been taking part in efforts to help those who are also displaced due to the typhoon, and other restoration initiatives on the island.