Sound Architects’ ‘Regenesis’, a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece

Rick Olivares

Posted at Feb 22 2020 04:46 PM

Listen to “Regenesis” and it’ll help you recall your favorite movies. At least that’s how music reviewer Rick Olivares digests this latest release by Sound Architects. Handout

Atmospheric instrumental band Sound Architects recently released on cassette tape their second album, “Regenesis.” It follows the hauntingly beautiful “Transfer Protocol” EP from last year that was a precursor of the brilliance to come.

Sans any words in the music of Sound Architects, the beauty of their instrumentals is you are free to interpret it in anyway. Me of cinematic mind, this is how I feel.

However, before we give way to our unfettered imagination, just a quick track back to “Transfer Protocol” that to my mind is like listening to music in an abandoned darkened building at night with their immediate surroundings bathed in the bright lights and pulse of a city coming alive at night.

“Regenesis” picks up on that aforementioned pace in the aptly titled opening track, “Ignition Sequence,” and it takes me back to driving along the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. No, not the romantic vibe you get from viewing the lovely coastal towns of surrounding Sorrento or Positano on a sunny day, but at night with a “Blade Runner”-ish feel or even Daniel Craig’s James Bond riding out into danger.

The second track is “Temple of God” and it is like waking from a blissful sleep and in you’re in this forest with sunbeams finding holes through the foliage. It starts off with this John Carpenter vibe then turns up the majesty.

“Syndicates” gives off this eerie sense of foreboding. Like it’s something out of the film version of “Minority Report.” With deep shadows and a greater conspiracy at work.

And that segues into “Observers” that is mournful. Like someone watching a tragedy unfold from afar and is unable to do anything about it. Except watch. Uatu the Watcher would dig this.

“Containment Failure” would make an excellent soundtrack to that awesome Danish Netflix show, “The Rain.”

“Advent” has me thinking of all those UFO flicks of the arrival of something that leaves you awestruck and frightened at the same time. There’s an underlying tension to the song that keeps you on the edge.

The final track, “Regenesis,” begins in a more somber manner. Like an event unfolding in slow motion then there’s this shimmering light for the unveiling.

When Sound Architects released “Regenesis” early this February, it is in my honest opinion, the first best release of 2020. Good music comes in small surprises.