No slapping, no shouting: Liza-Katarina confrontation in ‘Make It With You’ earns praise from fans


Posted at Feb 19 2020 06:08 PM

Billy (Liza Soberano) and Rio (Katarina Rodriguez) confront each other over Gabo (Enrique Gil) in the February 19 episode of ‘Make It With You’. ABS-CBN

MANILA — In teleseryes where slapping matches are the norm, “Make It With You” opted for a more subdued confrontation between two women who share a romantic history with the same man.

In the February 18 episode of the ABS-CBN series, Rio (Katarina Rodriguez) confronted Billy (Liza Soberano) over the latter’s ties with her boyfriend, Gabo (Enrique Gil).

Rio accused Billy of forcing herself into Gabo’s life, after learning that Gabo had to take care of an intoxicated Billy days prior.

Billy clarified that she had been a victim of drink spiking, resulting in her becoming unconscious, but thankfully in safe hands as Gabo happened to be around.

Despite Rio’s volley of accusations, Billy stood her ground, insisting she has no plans of involving herself with a “cheater,” referring to Gabo. At that point, Rio revealed that she and Gabo had been separated when the latter had a romance with Billy in Croatia.

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The scene, a classic case of romantic rivals coming face to face, would have involved an exchange of slaps by traditional teleserye standards.

But its conversational approach, which ultimately cleared the air between Rio and Billy, was welcomed by fans of “Make It With You.”

On Twitter, viewers commended the refreshing take on the staple confrontation scene. Comments on the official YouTube upload similarly praised the exchange as natural.

“Hindi kailangang palengkera lagi ang antagonist,” wrote May Nalang, referring to Rio’s calm demeanor in the scene.

Another fan, Kirk Amorante, noted the scene’s deliberate exclusion of a dramatic musical score, and its focus on “pure conversation” between the two characters.