Before 'Sin Island,' Coleen, Xian also considered rom-coms


Posted at Feb 16 2018 01:45 PM | Updated as of Sep 20 2018 04:05 PM


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MANILA – Coleen Garcia admitted she and Xian Lim had to go through three different scripts before they agreed to do “Sin Island,” a dark romance film about how a couple’s misdeeds haunt their marriage.

“It’s always the role and the material for me. Xian and I, we are just being pitched projects. We needed to do a project together and we went through three different scripts. Actually the first two were rom-com so we thought we are on this path. And then we received this script and it was so daring,” she revealed on ANC’s "Headstart" Friday.

While she was completely up for it, having done some similar projects before, Garcia had to think of Lim whose character in the movie was something completely different from his image.

“I wasn’t sure if he was game to do that. We contemplated on it and Inang (Olivia Lamasan) really guided us throughout the whole process. The script just kept evolving,” she said.

"Sin Island" centers on David (Lim) and Kanika (Garcia), a married couple whose separation leads the husband to a steamy island affair with Tasha (Nathalie Hart). Realizing she still wants to repair her marriage, Kanika puts up a fight with the headstrong Tasha.

When asked why she opted for the role of the wife, Garcia said: “If I didn’t consider all the projects I did before this, I would have chosen the mistress because it’s a more interesting character. I’d be able to play more around with it. But it’s also another challenge to be the wife because you have to play with what you have.”

Interestingly, the actress said her engagement to Billy Crawford also played a part in choosing her character.

“I also figured, any other time, I don’t think I could have played the wife because it’s not believable kasi I look so young. At least now, I’m getting married. It’s line with where I’m going in my life also. It’s a good project to highlight that,” she said.

Garcia said the challenge was actually how to make her character stand out even though it's not as colorful as the role of the mistress.

Admitting she had a hard time preparing for the movie, Garcia said their workshops greatly helped all three of them.

“What I love about this film is everything is so well shot. Everything is so tastefully shot. It’s just beautiful,” she said.

The steamy flick is directed by Gino M. Santos, who has worked with Garcia in previous other films such as "Ex with Benefits" and "Love Me Tomorrow." It opened in cinemas on February 14.