'Provoked' Erich vows to tell all about split with Matsunaga


Posted at Feb 13 2017 12:56 PM | Updated as of Feb 13 2017 04:53 PM

Photo from @vanessamatsunaga on Instagram

MANILA -- (UPDATED) Daniel Matsunaga’s sister Vanessa asked Erich Gonzales to set the records straight regarding speculations that money was one of the reasons behind the celebrity couple's breakup.

Commenting on one of Gonzales’ Instagram posts which entertainment site PEP was able to grab, Vanessa said her brother asked them “to keep quiet and not fight back or even reply to any comments, but the truth is I can't keep quiet when people are invading my privacy asking us if we owe you money and saying that you were spending on us.”

Saying she cannot believe that this is actually happening, Vanessa said: “I know you answered the interview with the best of your ability, I understand it's hard to answer too many questions but I honestly wish you had addressed the money issue.”

Vanessa acknowledged that her brother and Gonzales do not owe anyone any explanation, but she urged the actress to “please look back at the good times.”

“Remember, you were with us for two years, you were included in every family plan, trips, weddings. We took care of you and your family and took in consideration your preferences and watched over you. I’m not here to measure what we did for each other because this is love and it comes with it naturally. All I'm saying is I'm very sad to see people defaming not only you and my brother but also my mom and family,” she said.

Photo from @vanessamatsunaga on Instagram

Up to this day, Vanessa claims their family is still defending Gonzales from all the hate.

“We all love you to the best of our abilities and with all our hearts. It's your choice to unfollow us, delete your photos, some people move on that way, ‘out of sight out of mind,’ others would like to treasure the memories, whatever works best right? Whatever it is we respect that and chose to give you your privacy,” Vanessa told Gonzales.

“Anyways, I'm asking you to please address this issue, people are calling us users, but you know best and you know the truth. I'm counting on your integrity, dignity and your love for our Lord Jesus,” she added.

Aside from her message to Gonzales, Vanessa also replied to a netizen where she stressed that they are not after the actress' money.

"Well, we don't need Erich's money. Her family needs her support. I'm sure you understand that very well," she wrote.

Vanessa said her brother "never took advantage of Erich because really there's nothing to take advantage of."

Vanessa said her brother has integrity and that he has worked hard for everything he has ever since he was 16 years old even though he did not have to.

"As for my family taking advantage of Erich, well, let's just put it this way, we are in a better position, so much so that we choose to help others," she added.

Responding to Vanessa’s lengthy post, Gonzales exclusively sent her statement to ABS-CBN News' Marie Lozano, emphasizing that what happened in her relationship with Daniel is just between the two of them.

“Gusto ko na po sana manahimik na lang at mag-move on na pero sila 'yung comment ng comment sa social media. Social media is not the proper venue. I turned off the comment section of my Instagram account kasi pagpipiyestahan lang ng mga tao, lalong hahaba at hindi matatapos,” she said.

Addressing the issue about money, Gonzales said: “Hindi ako mayaman, Vanessa. Tama ka; mahirap lang ako, hindi ako kasing yaman ng napangasawa mo. Pero sa mundong ito, ang realidad, hindi lang mayayaman ang nate-take advantage. Mas maraming mahirap ang napapagsamantalahan.”

Gonzales said she didn’t really want to talk about her failed relationship with Daniel anymore but she is being provoked.

“They want me to speak up, I will. I will tell all,” she said as she ended her statement.