10 juicy Sharon revelations from viral Facebook thread


Posted at Feb 12 2018 11:42 AM | Updated as of Sep 09 2018 12:32 PM

MANILA – Sharon Cuneta thrilled her fans when she unexpectedly joined an online conversation about her past relationships including her failed marriage to Gabby Concepcion.

The online thread began when netizen Krizette Laureta Chu shared that following the release of the actress’s onscreen reunion with Concepcion, she has been obsessively researching about Cuneta and her exes like Robin Padilla, Richard Gomez, and Rowell Santiago.

Using the name April Mondragon, Cuneta surprised everyone when she announced through her public Facebook page that she has been actively commenting on the viral thread using the name of her character in her debut film “Dear Heart.”

Here are some of Cuneta’s juicy revelations from the viral Facebook thread:

1. Cuneta was not pregnant with daughter KC when Concepcion asked her to marry him. Cuneta said the proposal happened at the backstage of the Araneta Coliseum during her dress rehearsals for a concert. “He already had the rings and I almost fell down the stairs and sinalubong niya ako pababa ako,” Cuneta shared.

2. Cuneta and Concepcion had a secret wedding ceremony before they tied the knot at the Manila Cathedral. “Which is why, I actually was so happy when I found out we were pregnant because then we wouldn’t have to hide anymore,” she said.

3. Their code for “I love you” was 10/20 on CB radios since there weren’t any cellphones back then. Their daughter KC was born on April 7, 1985 at 10:20 a.m. Cuneta considered this “a very sweet gift from God.”

4. Cuneta addressed the issue about Concepcion supposedly committing bigamy when they were still married. “During marriage. Nuff said. Ask him,” she wrote. Nonetheless, Cuneta said it doesn’t matter anymore as they have already let the bygones be bygones.

5. Cuneta’s past relationships are in this order, according to the actress: “Albert Martinez (phone pal puppy love only), then my first real love Gabby. Then Rowell. Back to Gabby. After the marriage ended, someone nonshowbiz, J. na lang I will call him. Then Richard. Robin. Richard. Nonshowbiz C., then Richard again. Kiko. And Robin in between all the Richard time frames and everyone else’s somewhere too.”

6. Cuneta said she and Padilla almost got married. She said Padilla had already asked her father for her hand in marriage. “That was true, true love. But naughty my baby then eh,” she said.

7. Cuneta said Santiago was the only one whose heart she broke and he didn’t deserve it. “My fault and I have been atoning to Rowell who is my good friend and often concert and TV show director nowadays and before din. He is a La Salle grad from a respected and decent family (known them since childhood). He is one of the best quality human beings I know,” she said.

8. Ariel Rivera supposedly had a huge crush on her even before he became a singer. Cuneta said Rivera even he told his mom that he would marry her one day. When she got married to Concepcion, Rivera remained insistent and said he would just have a baby with her.

9. Her current husband, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, with whom she has two daughters and a son, has never cheated on her. Cuneta said no one has ever come forward with solid proof of her husband’s alleged cheating even after she offered P10 million (which was later raised to P30 million) to anyone who could give her evidence.

10. Cuneta admitted she became a “war freak” on social media back in 2012, but clarified that it wasn’t the fault of Pangilinan in any way. “Kasalanan ng nag-break ng heart ni KC. I don’t make paki to my eldest child’s relationships/break-ups. But mali pag niloko ka ng ibang klase,” she said. For what it’s worth, Cuneta stressed that she and the guy who broke KC’s heart have been in good terms already.