'I asked Bimb's permission': Kris Aquino to join online dating app Tinder


Posted at Feb 11 2021 03:35 PM

MANILA – If you’re using online dating app Tinder, you might come across Kris Aquino’s profile beginning this Friday.

This, after the former Kapamilay television host announced through her social media page on Wednesday that she will sign up on Tinder on February 12.

“On February 12, that’s Friday at 7 PM I’m going LIVE for people i really love,” she said of an event of a brand she endorses.

Aquino said the event happens to be co-sponsored by Tinder. She also revealed that she asked for her son Bimby’s permission first before she agreed to do this.

“I asked Bimb’s permission and he said - sure mama, you have my blessings (iba na talaga ang mundo) - so on Friday when I create my profile, jojowain o totropahin nyo ba ko? Ready to swipe right?” she teased.


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In the same post, Aquino shared that she has been gearing up for her 50th birthday, which coincides with Valentine’s Day.

“Last Friday, I did special individualized greetings for 200 people. Yesterday for 11 hours, I finished the next 200... no spoilers. New friends of mine reached out through my nephew @jiggycruz, I liked what they wanted to do to make people they are grateful to feel that they are willing to go the extra mile to show them they are appreciated and they’ll do their BEST to keep their relationship STRONG,” she said.

Aquino said those video greetings will be sent out on Sunday.

“I finally realized life isn’t about me -- it’s about the unique gift I’ve been given, I know how to connect, start a conversation, and be interested in the lives of others. Yes, I do talk a lot -- but the difference is -- I also know how to listen,” she said.

“And in 2021, that’s what we all need -- someone who will reach out, show we are significant, we are worth the time and the effort to feel that even during uncertain times, they believe we’re special and they actually did something about it,” she added.

While believing in the saying that actions speak louder than words, Aquino said that for her upcoming birthday, she is putting their words into action.

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