Julia Barretto’s dream role: To become a ‘boss-housewife’


Posted at Feb 10 2021 11:07 PM

Julia Barretto poses with her niece Millie (left), and shares the result of her baking. Instagram: @juliabarretto

MANILA — Onscreen, Julia Barretto’s range of characters have included a zombie slayer and a doppelganger. In real life, her dream role is much simpler: to become a housewife.

Barretto, 23, spoke candidly of her plans to have a family of her own in an interview with Angely Dub, as part of the latter’s “Life in Progress” podcast.

“If I’m being completely honest kasi, I’ve always dreamt of having a family early on in life,” she said, when asked what her personal goals are in the near future.

“Like, that was always my thing growing up. I always wanted to have a family at a young age. Because I want to have a lot of time, and I wanted to grow together with my family that I have made.”

Barretto is known to have close relationships with her mother, former actress Marjorie Barretto, and her siblings Dani, Claudia, and Leon. Barretto is the eldest of Marjorie’s three children with comedian Dennis Padilla.

Persistent rumors have linked Barretto and her “Between Maybes” co-star Gerald Anderson romantically, although neither has gone on record to confirm the supposed relationship.

Barretto, however, has acknowledged being currently “in love,” but is now opting to keep her personal life private.

Aside from goals tied with her acting career, Barretto said, “I dream to become a housewife, but a housewife that’s like a boss-housewife.”

“Like, you got your own work going on, but your number one priority is [your family],” she explained.

Barretto observed that today’s generation is more appreciative of the role of homemaking and raising children.

“It’s not an easy job, but I’m so proud of this generation, because I feel like our generation now, our time now, you’ll see more husbands and more men really praising their partners,” she said.

“They really witness in their everyday lives how challenging it is to be a homemaker, to be a wife, and to be a mom.”

The responsibilities of a mother and a wife, Barretto pointed out, than have to be juggled with self-care.

“You’ll have to take care of your spouse and to take care of your kids, and to take care of your house — without forgetting yourself at the same time,” she said.

“So I feel like we’re in at a time now when men and everybody else are more appreciative and praise women more now… They see it more now, they understand it more now, how difficult a job it is.”

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