WATCH: Helen Gamboa in tears over new ad featuring Gabby, niece Sharon


Posted at Feb 10 2018 05:16 AM | Updated as of Feb 10 2018 10:15 AM

"Our family's feelings exactly."

This was what KC Concepcion wrote as she shared a video of her grand aunt, Helen Gamboa, turning emotional after watching her parents' new commercial for a fast-food chain. 

The McDonald's TV ad starring Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion went viral on social media Friday. It depicted them sharing a table for dinner after crossing paths. 

It was their first project in 25 years, and was immediately met with much fanfare. It also apparently affected Gamboa, who couldn't help but wipe away tears as she came across the clip. 

"Ano ba naman ang TVC na ito?!!! Pati Mama Helen ko napahagulgol," wrote Cuneta after seeing her aunt's reaction. 

"Siyempre she was there from the very beginning," she added, before funnily recalling the times her "Mama Helen" hid from her Concepcion's attempts at reaching out before they split. 

Urging her to stop crying, Cuneta said: "He is happy na and me rin . . . Jusko pati lahat ng Gamboa kong Tita at clan ay nabulabog. First time in our history ito ano ba yan! Hahahahaha!" 

Gamboa is the sister of Sharon's mother, the late Elaine Cuneta.