Here's why KZ Tandingan got a hug from Jessie J


Posted at Feb 10 2018 02:13 PM


MANILA - Shortly after topping Chinese reality singing contest "Singer 2018," Filipina singer KZ Tandingan shared why her fellow contestant Jessie J hugged her, as seen in a viral Instagram post.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Tandingan shared her full meeting with Jessie J before this week's competition.

“I can’t believe I’m talking to you!” an excited and emotional Tandingan told Jessie J when the latter walked into the room.

Jessie J then told her:“I’m not a competitor, I’m just your friend."

To this, Tandingan, who was still incredulous at the encounter minutes into their chat, replied: "Who would compete with you?"

The Filipina singer then told the British star how she had inspired her to sing again.

“To be honest, when I saw her (Jessie J), I couldn’t breathe. When I was in high school, I almost stopped singing because I couldn’t reach the high notes anymore because I had a polyp in my vocal cords. And then, I heard you, and then I realized, ‘Oh, I didn’t have to hit those high notes to make a difference and sing, so I started singing again,” Tandingan told Jessie J.

The 25-year-old "The X Factor Philippines" winner then started to tear up as she expressed her admiration for Jessie J.

“Who I am as an artist now, a big chunk of that is because of you,” she said.

Jessie J, who seemed touched by Tandingan's story, was so moved she gave the Filipina singer a tight hug.

The English singer then shared a piece of advice to Tandingan.

"The perception of what you are to other people can never ever be what you are to yourself," Jessie J said.

The meeting ended with giggles between the two. 

"You're so small!," Jessie J said with a laugh at petite Tandingan, who stood to the British singer's shoulders. 

To this, Tandingan replied: "Yeah and I'm wearing heels already!"

The two will return to the show next week for another round of performances.