Courtship in time of Twitter: Phil asks Angel for V-Day date


Posted at Feb 10 2011 06:46 PM | Updated as of Feb 11 2011 11:09 PM

Courtship in time of Twitter: Phil asks Angel for V-Day date 1
MANILA, Philippines – In a bold move, Filipino-British football player Phil Younghusband on Thursday publicly asked Angel Locsin for a romantic date on February 14.

On Twitter, he wrote: "Hi Angel! This Phil. How are you? I was just wondering if you are free for Valentine’s Day?"

Unfortunately for Younghusband, the lead star of “Imortal” has to work that day.

She tweeted: “hi! this is angel. Congrats on your win last night! Tnx for the invite but I have work on valentines.. Let's try another day.”

Nonetheless, Younghusband’s bold move has created quite a stir in the microblogging world.

Television personality Drew Arellano noted that the “public invitation is risky but suave.”

Alexa Villano agreed with Arellano. “the talk of the moment-@PhilYHusband asking @143redangel out on twitter suave man :D” Villano tweeted.

Many were also tickled pink when they read Younghusband’s invitation.

“@143redangel lets try another day =) ayiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!” commented actress Bianca King.

Courtship in time of Twitter: Phil asks Angel for V-Day date 2
Celebrity stylist Liz Uy said: “@143redangel haba ng hair tehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

Ariel Vanguardia said: “@143redangel @PhilYHusband could be a lovely couple... Husbands make good angels...”

Queenie Conding tweeted: “Omg! Sobra akong kinilig waah! You really are good to each other@PhilYHusband @143redangel”

Other tweets, meantime, say it would have been better if Younghusband asked Locsin out personally.

Jay-ar posted: “twitterworld is going crazy. but imho, @philyhusband should ask @143redangel personally and [not] just here in twitter.”

Lord Hades tweeted: “@PhilYHusband Ouch. Try again next time. Remember:@143redangel packs a punch--and a huge bite. :)”

Hazel Baconga wrote: “@143redangel turned down @PhilYHusband wooooooow o_O”

Younghusband’s tweet also triggered a wave of excitement among his followers.

One said she won't turn him down on Valentine’s Day, while another tweeted she's free to go on a date on Valentine’s.

Another one suggested that Younghusband should just date all his fans.

In an attempt to cool off the online frenzy, meanwhile, Locsin urged the Twitterati to calm down.

In his previous interview, Younghusband admitted that he has a crush on Locsin and KC Concepcion. -With ANC