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Manny Jacinto stars in Hollywood rom-com 'I Want You Back'

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Feb 08 2022 01:38 PM

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Manny Jacinto plays a teacher in Amazon's Valentine movie 'I Want You Back.' The romantic comedy deals with the ups and downs of being in love.

"I remember being devastated. My way of dealing with those emotions is, because I'm a very physical person, I go on a run or get it out physically to not feel that anymore. But at the end of the day, now that I think about it, I think the best remedy is sitting with yourself and spending some time alone for growth is a big thing. Which I wish I knew when I was younger," Jacinto shared.

The Filipino Canadian actor says he is happy to have found his everlasting love in actress Dianne Doan, the leading lady of the TV series 'Warrior.'

Asked if there are plans for him to work with Doan, Jacinto said "we’ll see if she wants to work with me. I don’t know if I’m up to her level. I'm always kind of like, ‘Hey, is there any room for me on your show, on 'Warrior'?’ But we'll try and make it happen."

In preparing to play some sexy scenes in 'I Want You Back,' Jacinto joked about what he had to give up to be in great shape for filming.

"I stayed away from the rice. I stayed away from that Filipino diet. That's what I did. It also helped that I was doing 'Nine Perfect Strangers' before that. So I was in a particular shape at that point. Still, there's always that pressure. I definitely didn't eat that whole day, if anything."

After his breakout role on comedy series 'The Good Place,' Jacinto has become one of the busiest Filipino actors in Hollywood and has several projects in the works. But Filipino representation in Hollywood rom-coms is still rare so he hopes that that will change soon.

"Let's get a Filipino rom-com together. Let's do it. That would be amazing," Jacinto said.

'I Want You Back' can be seen on Amazon Prime Video beginning February 11.