Lily Cruz, Emilia face off with Julio ahead of 'Wildflower' finale


Posted at Feb 08 2018 10:31 PM

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He was once a feared man who did bad things to good people just to stay in power. Now, Julio Ardente (Tirso Cruz III) finds himself on the other side of the coin, staring death in the face as both Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador) and Emilia (Aiko Melendez) point guns at him. 

His undoing was a result of his rare carelessness, allowing Emilia to overhear him proclaim that he was the one who killed her mother. This paved the way for the already-cracking Emilia to be easily manipulated by Lily Cruz, with the series' protagonist convincing her to turn her back on her own father. 

Cue a flashback scene to the times Julio ridiculed Emilia for being a failure and a woman. 

Feeling betrayed, Emilia switches sides and hunts down Julio, who was already fleeing their hideout. She distracts his guards long enough, allowing Lily to corner him easily. 

Emilia then joins them, leading to a cliffhanger that will have you wondering who will walk out of the stand-off alive.