Emilia discovers truth behind mother’s death, sets up bloody ‘Wildflower’ finale


Posted at Feb 08 2018 01:17 AM

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Death isn't the only way to lose someone. 

The latest twist on Wednesday's "Wildflower" sees the beginning of Emilia's (Aiko Melendez) descent into rage-filled madness after finding out the truth behind her mother's death. 

Largely unaware about the devious dealings of her father, Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III), to have her mom killed and take over the famed Red Dragon triad, Emilia works her way toward earning his trust and respect. She's driven by her desire to prove herself as a worthy successor to her late mother. 

And she would. But unfortunately she also learns of Julio's honest thoughts about her just being a puppet. Turning insane, Emilia, out for blood, grabs a gun and storms for her father. 

All this is happening while Lily Cruz sneaks her way in to where the Ardientes are. Carrying her own reason for revenge (Julio murdering her husband), Lily has her sights firmly on Julio's head, setting up the series' sure to be blood-filled finale this Friday.