Edu Manzano to play key role in ‘Mamasapano massacre’ movie


Posted at Feb 06 2020 01:06 AM

Edu Manzano to play key role in ‘Mamasapano massacre’ movie 1
Edu Manzano has been tasked to portray Benjamin Magalong, a former police official who was tasked to investigate the bloody Mamasapano operation.

MANILA -- Five years ago, a special forces raid to capture a terror suspect in Mamasapano, Mindanao went horribly wrong. Resulting in the death of 44 police Special Action Force (SAF) troopers, it is among the costliest government operations in years. 

A massacre, it is referred to. 

This week, as reported by Pep, a movie being made about it has taken another step forward with the meeting of Edu Manzano and former military general Benjamin Magalong.

Manzano is portraying Magalong, who back then led a board which was tasked to investigate the bloody incident. His inquiry found reason to implicate both ex-police chief Alan Purisima and then-president Benigno Aquino III for mishandling the operation.

Flash forward to this Wednesday, when charges were dropped but plans for the movie have not, and Manzano was asked about his reasons to accepting what could be a controversial role. 

"For the love of our country," the actor and TV host said. 

He also said that their movie could help get the "truth" out there "so that the families [of the slain SAF officers] can find closure." 

"Let's not make it a useless sacrifice," Manzano added. 

The movie is being produced by a film production outfit headed by Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, and is being planned as an entry for this year's Metro Manila Film Festival in December. 

It also stars Myrtle Sarrosa, and will be based on the reports from the Senate and Magalong's board on the incident.

It was not disclosed in the Pep report what Magalong and Manzano talked about during their meeting, but it had already been stated in previous reports that the movie has the former's blessing.