Still poised: Liza even raps in spicy noodle challenge


Posted at Feb 06 2018 06:59 PM

MANILA - The viral "spicy noodle challenge" seems to be no challenge at all for Liza Soberano, who appeared to keep her poise, and even rapped in a video uploaded by her friend, vlogger Milo Elmido.

The nearly 12-minute video shows Soberano and Elmido preparing the noodles -- they had two cups each -- and doing another layer of challenge on top of eating the spicy dish.

Soberano, who admits to liking spicy food, didn't seem to have difficulty finishing her two bowls. She even kept laughing as she performed the additional challenges -- going cross-eyed and, later, rapping after a forkful.

Elmido, meanwhile, clearly didn't have the same level of tolerance for spicy food as Soberano. While he managed the extra challenge -- his was to sing a Regine Velasquez hit -- he fell short of beating the actress to finishing their second cup.

Soberano is the latest celebrity to join the "spicy noodle challenge" craze, which recently had the likes of Alex Gonzaga and Anne Curtis sweating from the Korean dish.

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