'Wildflower' turns black and white, 'SPG' as assassination unfolds


Posted at Feb 05 2018 10:35 PM

MANILA - "Wildflower," the hit primetime series starring Maja Salvador as the vengeful Lily Cruz, once again cautioned "strong parental guidance" ahead of its episode Monday, and turned black-and-white as a bloody assassination scene unfolded.

After Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III) was ousted as governor of Poblacion Ardiente, residents rallied to the town square to call on Diego (Joseph Marco) to finally replace the disgraced leader as the "people's governor."


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In an instant, however, the jubilant atmosphere turned horrific when Julio, who had been looking from afar, let out three bullets directly into Diego's chest. By Diego's side on stage was his wife Lily, whose look of pride quickly turned into horror.

As men rushed the bloodied Diego off the stage and into a jeepney, the scene turned partly black and white -- similar to an earlier episode wherein Lily was beaten up and almost hanged to death in front of Julio's supporters.

The episode on Monday ended with Lily at the hospital, and Diego's fate unknown. The teaser for Tuesday's episode, however, shows the residents of Poblacion Ardiente coming together lighting candles. Whether it is to pray for his recovery or for his soul remains to be seen.

"Wildflower" concludes Friday, after nearly one year on air.

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