How Ogie responded to a naughty bedroom question


Posted at Feb 03 2018 01:54 AM

No husband and wife embody the term "power couple" in local showbiz more than Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez, who are acknowledged pillars in the OPM industry.

So it's natural for people to wonder how two superstar names manage to keep their relationship strong seeing as how many celebrity marriages involving high-profile partners tend to fall by the wayside. 

In an interview on "Tonight With Boy Abunda" on Friday, Alcasid was asked by fellow guest Martin Nievera whether a sense of competition sometimes brews between him and Velasquez because of their individual statures.

"I always tell this to my wife, 'You know what, honey? You're the superstar. I'm the songwriter, and I'm OK with that,' " said Alcasid, who celebrated his seventh anniversary with Velasquez last December following the 6th birthday of their son, Nate.

"So far, so good," added Alcasid, who said his only wish is to become a better husband to Velasquez.

Alcasid said it's his way of reassuring Velasquez that he doesn't get insecure about her achievements.

"She's not the 'Songbird' in the house. She's the wife," he said. 

Since naughty questions are par for the course on the show, Alcasid didn't escape the "TMI" spotlight with this bedroom query -- who's more dominant between the sheets, he or Velasquez? 

"I think I am," Alcasid said, then added in jest, "I really can last, I think, one minute." 

But what matters, according to him, is that he knows how to fulfill his wife's needs. 

"When she feels so ugly, it's the sign that she wants it. And I want, it too," Alcasid revealed. 

Alcasid and Velasquez will join Nievera and Eric Santos for a concert at Mall of Asia Arena on February 10.


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