WATCH: Amor finds out Yna is her daughter


Posted at Feb 04 2016 06:02 AM | Updated as of Oct 20 2016 10:41 AM

MANILA -- Amor (Jodi Sta. Maria) has finally learned that Yna (Kathryn Bernardo) is her long-lost daughter Maria Amor.

Decades of longing vanished as Nanay Belen told her the story of the young girl that her husband Isko (Ronnie Lazaro) found after the landslide that took the lives of many Punta Verde residents.

It was a liberating experience for Amor, who had been searching for a lead about her missing daughter.

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"Belen, paalisin mo siya. Kukunin niya si gandang dalaga," Isko said after seeing Amor inside their house.

As the old man turned hysterical, Nanay Belen and her son starting singing a lullaby.

"Mahal kong tatay, tulog na. Mahal kong tatay, tulog na..."

Amor, who was already about to leave, was held back by the familiar rhythm. She was puzzled for a second, and then intense emotion overwhelmed her.

She could not be wrong. It was the same melody she used to sing to her daughter before.

"Aling Belen, 'yong kanta... Saan po nanggaling 'yong kantang 'yon?" she asked.

"Kanta po ni Yna 'yon," Nanay Belen replied.

Although her instincts were saying that Yna is her missing daughter, Amor further validated her conclusion.

Nanay Belen, on the other hand, openly shared how Isko found the young Yna at the landslide site singing the lullaby.

"Noong napulot siya ni Isko sa may landslide 'yan po 'yong hinuhuni niya. Hindi nga rin po namin alam kung saan niya nakuha 'yang kantang iyan eh. Pero basta kapag natatakot siya o gusto niyang matulog, 'yan ang kinakanta niya," she said.

Amor then showed a photo of Maria Amor to Nanay Belen.

"Bakit ho may litrato kayo ni Yna?" Nanay Belen asked.

Amor was totally overwhelmed. Tears started flowing on her cheeks. Her years of longing, searching, and hoping will soon end.

"Nanay Belen, si Yna at Maria Amor. Si Yna ang anak ko."

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