Heart Evangelista admits being pressured to have a baby


Posted at Feb 02 2023 01:21 PM


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MANILA – Heart Evangelista is slowly opening up about her recent struggles, which have sparked rumors that she had separated from her husband, Senator Chiz Escudero.

In a revealing interview with Mega magazine, Evangelista admitted that she felt pressured to have a baby.

“I think it was a lot about being pressured to have a baby,” Evangelista told the magazine. “It was not necessarily from certain people. It was really like a shift in my life: the pressures of being a wife, the pressures of being a certain mold, and I just wanted to get rid of that. And I did, by doing what I felt like doing. And if people don’t get it, then they don’t get it.” 

Evangelista also admitted that she "never really learned the art of dealing with being in showbiz completely." 

"People will always have something to say. But, now, I totally don’t care. And if I do want something, I’ll do it my way," she said, adding that she "lost" some people along the way.

“I went through a stage where I went under fire... I had to pass through fire and not a lot of people could pass through that fire with me,” Evangelista said in an interview without going into details.

“That’s why I’m very appreciative of my husband, my friends, because they were really there for me when we needed to go through a certain time in my life. It was painful, but it was good,” she added.

Saying she does not want to be a “hostage of anything and anyone,” Evangelista said she’s just appreciative of Escudero for seeing that.

“I think, in a way, maybe he was afraid for me, that I would be hurt by the world, or the letdowns, or people doing things to me, because he knew that I had such a gentle heart, and he thought I wouldn’t survive a heartbreak. But I can survive anything.”

Rumors that Evangelista and Escudero have broken up trace back to the actress’ September pronouncement of being “in search of happiness,” as well as her move to omit her husband’s surname from her social media pages.

The two finally put an end to the rumors surrounding their marriage, when they posed for a family photo on New Year's Day.

Just recently, the two spent quality time together in Japan and in Paris.

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