WATCH: First trailer for Coleen, Xian's dark romance film 'Sin Island'


Posted at Feb 02 2018 12:14 AM

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The title "Sin Island" certainly carries a certain darkness to it. 

And that makes sense, as the Star Cinema offering looks to highlight the other, more dangerous side of love beyond the usual sappiness Valentine's Day brings this February. 

This newest affair flick stars Coleen Garcia as Kanika, a flight attendant who is cheating on her husband, David, a photographer portrayed by Xian Lim. David finds out, and starts his own affair. 

From that point, we see Kanina trying to win back David's trust, before the trailer gives us a glimpse of the heated confrontation she has with her husband's mistress, Tasha (Nathalie Hart). 

"Papatayin kita," Garcia's character threatens. 

The steamy flick is directed by Gino M. Santos, who has worked with Garcia in previous other films such as "Ex with Benefits" and "Love Me Tomorrow." It opens in cinemas on February 14.