Indie band Sunflower Station's single 'Today' is an antidote to these omicron days

Rick Olivares

Posted at Jan 27 2022 08:11 PM

 Sunflower Station (back left to right): Jay Fernandez, Neil Yap, Don Pido. Front; Samantha Carlos and Jany Ligutan
Sunflower Station (back left to right): Jay Fernandez, Neil Yap, Don Pido. Front; Samantha Carlos and Jany Ligutan

MANILA -- Prepare for a dash of sunshine in these omicron days as indie twee pop band Sunflower Station believes that optimism is a choice.

For a band formed during this pandemic, their style of music -- inspired by the British C86 movement and the Scandinavian invasion of the mid-1990s -- is a fresh and breezy option for today’s pandemic times. 

Sunflower’s new single, “Today” will be released on Friday under Lilystars Records and is a precursor to a full-length album of positive tunes. 

“I wrote the song while in quarantine as I tested positive for COVID-19,” related drummer Neil Yap who penned the song. "The lyrics are sad and show vulnerability but I wrote it in an upbeat way with plenty of positive vibes.”

The band in their previous incarnation as indie popsters the Bed Bites wrote wistful and melancholic songs that seem to work best with the genre. And from there, the seed for Sunflower Station was planted.

“Given the times, we wanted something different,” added Yap.

And different is what keyboardist and vocalist Sam Carlos brought into the band. The effervescent Carlos makes no bones about being a fan of the Bed Bites’ music.

“Lagi ko pinapakinggan ang Bed Bites and every time they released a new song or artwork that goes with their songs, I check them out,” she related.

When bassist Jay Fernandez, who is her officemate, invited her to join the new band, it was an easy decision to accept. 

“Sunflower Station is my first band,” she gleefully admitted. 

The band began to make sense in key of twee. Now, there were boy-girl harmonies as Carlos joined guitarist Jany Ligutan on vocals, and the band bade goodbye to melancholia.

Not even getting lost to their very first gig -- in Bulacan this past December 2021 -- could dampen their spirits. 

“We were invited to perform in this place in Bulacan and we got lost,” related guitarist Don Pido. “Tama naman sa Waze. But walang tao and it wasn’t a commercial area. We took a wrong turn. The actual bar was two kilometers away and the show went well.”

“Masaya at may pumalakpak naman,” threw in Ligutan.

“It was our first time for the four of us guys to play with a female vocalist so nagiba yung timpla in terms of harmony and melody. We integrated Sam’s voice into our old songs and it turned out well,” was Fernandez pronouncement of their first show.

And now with one single in the bag and a new one in “Today” being released, Sunflower Station is looking forward to their day in the sun.

“We’re optimistic about it,” smiled Ligutan.”

Check out Sunflower Stations’ “Today” and other music on Soundcloud and other streaming devices.