Pinoy neo-soul artist with unpronounceable name releases first album of 12-part series

Rick Olivares

Posted at Jan 27 2020 06:15 PM | Updated as of Jan 28 2020 05:08 PM

Neo-soul artist (((O)))

One of the more intriguing releases is "Sundrop (((1)))" from neo-soul artist (((O))) (her nom de guerre is not meant to be pronounceable) that came out on digital platforms last November 2019 and released on vinyl early this month.

"Sundrop (((1)))" is an album that you have to be listening to attentively. This isn’t like elevator muzak or lounge music. It’s like noodling late night on a keyboard or a guitar while infusing it with traces or water drops of hiphop, jazz, electronica, African polyrhythms, and soul. 

I am reminded of the music of Nitin Sawhney with the lovely voice of Nicky Wells, Massive Attack, and Tricky except (((O)))’s music lies in the sparse production where life breathes in the gentle inflections in the spaces between.

It’s like a tonic for the craziness of the metropolis. One that takes everything down several notches while you mind wanders. And to achieve that, you have to be in tune with your senses and everything around you or else you miss out on the beauty of "Sundrop (((1)))."

The album features 12 tracks that are music for the soul. And the cool thing is, this is a 12 part-series wherein (((O))) intends to release one for the next 11 years (this one included).

(((O))) is an elusive artist. I am told that she has been around... and everywhere. And it does explain the myriad of influences that is as diverse and exotic as the music she creates. And I do love the mystery of all of it.

"Sundrop (((1)))" is now available on vinyl through Offshore Music (inquire through their Facebook page and their other social media). 

The album will be launched at the Four Strings at Cubao Expo on February 9 at 3 p.m. The launch will also feature performances by Pinkmen, Baby Ikea, Big Hat Gang, and Jiggawho.