Kris Aquino offers heartfelt message for mom Cory on her 90th birthday


Posted at Jan 26 2023 11:53 AM

MANILA – Kris Aquino wrote a heartfelt, lengthy message to her mother, the late President Cory Aquino, on what would have been her 90th birthday.

Aquino did this by sharing a 10-minute Instagram Reel that demonstrates how she copes with four autoimmune diseases, showing everyone how challenging her situation has been.

The former Kapamilya TV host also used the opportunity to explain the conditions she is dealing with, even though she believes her mother can see everything from heaven.

Towards the end of the video, Kris revealed that in honor of her mother's birthday, they will be visiting the "Happiest Place on Earth."

“My promise for kuya timed for your birthday. I really pray kayanin ko even just 5 rides so kuya will have happy memories during this whole ordeal. It’s because of the example you set that even when my deep bone pain is awful or my vascular urticaria is everywhere – I don’t complain. I want kuya and Bimb to see they are worth all the pain and discomfort because I know they still need me,” she wrote.

“Mom, the best tribute I can offer you is that even those who say they hate my guts, always put a qualifier. Saludo raw sila sa pagpapalaki ko kay Kuya and Bimb – parehong respectful, affectionate, hindi namimili ng taong kakaibiganin,” she added.

Refusing to take all the credit, Kris said she always tells them that she had the best role model in the world.

"I’m forever going to be proud to be Cory’s baby, and the mama of Kuya Josh and Bimb,” she said.

In conclusion, Kris told her late mother that she no longer searches for someone to make her feel complete.

“You told me many times, I’ll only have a successful relationship if I find your male version… but with all I’ve been through I finally see so much of you in me – what I’m trying to say Mom is I’m no longer looking for someone to complete me. Finally realized the truth in what you’d always say to me: ‘Kristina, know your worth.’ Yes MOM I do."