Kim Chiu reiterates apology over cat remark as video resurfaces


Posted at Jan 26 2022 01:41 AM

Actress-host Kim Chiu. Instagram: @chinitaprincess
Actress-host Kim Chiu. Instagram: @chinitaprincess

MANILA — Actress-host Kim Chiu reiterated her apology Monday over a remark she had made in a December episode of “It’s Showtime.”

In the December 6 episode of the noontime program, Chiu co-hosted the polling segment “Madlang Pi-Poll.” One question pertained to noise disturbances at night.

Reacting to one of the possible answers — cats making noise on rooftops — Chiu commented, “Nakakainis ‘yun, ‘no? ‘Yung gusto mo sabuyan ng mainit na tubig kasi maingay.”

Later in the same episode, Chiu apologized for her statement, emphasizing she does not condone animal cruelty.

Over the weekend, a clip showing only Chiu’s remark went viral anew on social media, prompting the “It’s Showtime” mainstay to clarify that she has already said sorry.

Chiu responded to a Twitter user who urged her to apologize “before the situation gets worse.”

In a series of tweets, Chiu wrote, unedited: “I really want to remain quiet on this, because this was a month or 2 months ago. I cleared this already, RIGHT AFTER saying those words, and asked for apology same day same segment, coz I know that I will never do it and cleared that its not really ganun.

“But the thing is Social media or that person who posted it, opted to cut the part where I was saying my apology and explain my side that same episode. But as usual some marites will really choose to see the bad on that situation, Ganun naman minsan sa atin.

“Mas gusto ng karamihan palabasin kang Super mean, yung diin na diin.. kahit wala ka naman ginawa ‘pa’. Para kanang ginawa na masama sa mata nila. that’s the sad part. Pero kung may ginawa kang maganda hindi mashado papansinin. Pag masama.. ‘happy fiesta!’But oh well. Ganun sa atin eh.

“Again for things to be clear hopefully, (for the 2nd time after two months) Pasenya na po to all animal lovers, I didn’t mean to say those words, nor do those actions.Parang wala sa panahon ngyon ang gagawa ng ganun.Wag na natin palakihin pa, dahil wala naman talagang nasaktan.

“I hope I made myself clear. I hope this ends here.”