How Anne Curtis ‘beat’ Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza in photos


Posted at Jan 26 2022 04:24 PM

Anne Curtis IG

Actress and TV host Anne Curtis found a hilarious way to “beat” her friends Solenn Heussaff and Isabelle Daza when posing for photos. 

On Instagram, Curtis uploaded some selfies with Heussaff and Daza when they spent time together in France recently.

The “It’s Showtime!” host also included photos of the two personalities with their eyes closed while adding a playful caption about posting “unwanted pics.”

“When your friends beat you to the good pics? You post the unwanted picas,” she said jokingly. 

She even encouraged netizens to tag their friends who also post pictures of their friends unprepared for photos. 

“P.S - tag mo ung friend mo na sarili lang tinitignan sa pics. Ung nagsasabi 'Ito na ung best pero nakapikit ung iba,'” Curtis said with laughing emoji. 

Earlier this year, Daza shared some throwback photos on how the three of them used to party until the wee hours with their friends.

But that’s not the case anymore today.

“From dancing on tables in bars at 3 am to park play dates with babies,” Daza caption her photo with Curtis and Heussaff while at a park in France.

Based on her other social media updates, Daza has joined the families of Curtis and Heussaff in their European trip, and she also brought along her son Baltie with her.

Curtis and Heussaff have daughters Dahlia and Thylane, respectively. While Daza has two sons Baltie and Valentin.