Populardays shifts gears to more ‘shoegaze’ sound with new album on horizon

Rick Olivares

Posted at Jan 26 2020 11:28 PM

Populardays just released a new single, “Lost in Space” that takes you up to the stratosphere. Handout

Six years after the release of their debut album, “Somewhere In Time,” and what seemed like a never-ending change of personnel, indie band populardays have added two key players that have resulted in a change of musical direction.

From the indie pop sound that characterized “Somewhere in Time,” populardays, with holdovers in vocalist and guitarist Erick Lucas and drummer Jann Paul Tatad, have been joined by the duo of Mike Ducusin on guitars and vocals and Veronica Macato on bass and vocals.

If Ducusin and Macato’s name sound familiar that is because they perform also as the indie pop duo, Veronica and I.

With the two in harness, populardays has shifted to a more shoegaze sound, something the band feels was a natural progression.

“People come and go,” succinctly puts Lucas. “As for the new lineup, it’s great. Mike brings in a New Wave touch while Veronica draws from her 90s vibe. Musically, we’re still evolving. In our early release, we had a few songs that had that shoegaze and dream pop feel. This time, we wanted to go all the way.” 

The new band and the different sound was also an easy transition for Ducusin, who says, “I grew up listening to punk and New Wave which are the roots of the indie sound. My passion for the music also influenced Veronica (Mike’s real life partner).”

The newfangled quartet just released a new single, “Lost in Space” that takes you up to the stratosphere. Macato’s gossamer vocals already add another dimension to populardays’ sound.

They’ve also connected with Philippine shoegaze royalty when they opened for trailblazers Sonnet 58 during their vinyl record launch late last 2019. Now, they’ve dropped a new single and video.

“Fans can expect more new stuff from us,” promises Lucas. 

“I think the scene is growing,” points out Ducusin during the Sonnet 58 show at 70s Bistro last year. “Every band brings something to the table. We are happy to a part of it.”

The popularity of shoegaze and dream pop is at an all-time high all over the world. Domestically, there are regular productions that feature bands and listening parties. Shoegaze post-rock outfit, Sound Architects will be releasing their second album, Regenesis, this coming February 1 at Mow’s.