Emotional Cristine Reyes says no more to sexy roles


Posted at Jan 24 2022 05:54 PM

Actress Cristine Reyes. Instagram: @cristinereyes
Actress Cristine Reyes. Instagram: @cristinereyes

MANILA — Cristine Reyes is no longer keen on doing sexy roles, she revealed in a tearful interview with Liza Soberano for the latter’s podcast about mental health.

In the “Open Mind” episode released on Sunday, Reyes was discussing a program on self-love she had attended in Los Angeles, California last year.

The course, she said, made her more aware of her emotional triggers and the root of her fears, anger, and withdrawn behavior as an adult. More importantly, it made her realize her self-worth.

When the topic of her acting career was brought up, Reyes turned emotional as she related where she now stands on portraying roles that have been identified with her.

“I would still want to do it until I get old,” Reyes said of acting. “The only thing that hinders me from loving my job is doing some roles that I myself am not comfortable [with] — movies that are advocating affairs, and endorsing something like liquor and then you’re wearing a two-piece.”

“For me, my God, I’m so tired. I don’t want to do it anymore. It makes uncomfortable, first. Second, you lose your self-respect. That’s the only thing that bothers me a lot with my career. I’ve always [been] seen in a different light — that I’m an object,” she explained.

Reyes, 32, entered showbiz in 2003. Early in her career, she was presented as a sexy star with successive projects seeing her in revealing outfits.

In the podcast, Reyes could be heard crying as she recalled a recent offer to star in a film that would present her similarly.

“When I went back from LA, gosh, I got offered another movie with a dream director. So, I’m like, ‘Okay, I will listen.’ As I was listening, I was shocked because I already voiced out my sentiments about doing those kind of stuff. Then here we go again. My God, I cried. I was sobbing. Coming back from LA, doing a lot of self-work, now I’m faced with this again,” she said.

While Reyes was certain she wanted to reject the role, she was concerned about losing work and not being able to provide for her daughter.

“Am I going to be pushed over again? I was scared that if I decline, would I still get work? I’m a single mom and nobody is supporting me,” she said.

Reyes explained to Soberano that she has always had reservations about her sexy image, saying she had no choice but to go that route early on if she wanted to progress in her career.

Showbiz, she said, was her “escape from home” — Reyes previously revealed having a tumultuous relationship with her biological mother — but instead found herself facing a “different kind of monster,” of having to bare skin for work.

“I had to swallow it. I had to pose in a bikini for a magazine. I was helpless. I was portrayed as, ‘She’s one of those girls,’” she said.

Recounting that her program in LA taught her to “value myself,” Reyes ultimately declined the project. What happened the day later surprised Reyes, in the best way.

“I said no. I did it. But I was so scared. I think I’m just so blessed because the next day, they offered me three projects that are really, really good. What a turn,” she said.