Arnaldo meets his tragic end in 'Wildflower'


Posted at Jan 24 2018 02:16 AM | Updated as of Jan 24 2018 07:34 AM

The casualty on Tuesday as "Wildflower" races towards its conclusion was Arnaldo, played by RK Bagatsing. 

The eldest of the Ardiente brothers, Arnaldo killed himself by putting a bullet through his chest after finally accepting that the love he has for Maja Salvador's Lily Cruz is unrequited. 

"I will never love you. I will never love a criminal," Lily Cruz shouts as she and her newly-married husband, Diego (Joseph Marco) --the younger Ardiente-- find themselves held at gunpoint by Arnaldo. 

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The suicide was setup reasonably well throughout the series. We find that Cruz's revenge plot for his slain father against the Ardientes hinges on ruining Arnaldo, the next in line to continue his family's political legacy. She tricks him into becoming obsessed with her, only to shatter him by revealing her true identity later on. 

Amid all that, he lost his memory after getting shot in the head when he was trying to rape Lily Cruz. Slowly though, he began to remember again --culminating when his mind flies back to the first time she told him that he could never love a murderer in the latest episode. 

"Kahit mabuhay ka huwag kang umasa na may magmamahal sa iyo dahil demonyo ka," Lily Cruz told Arnaldo, the man who killed her foster mother. 

Arnaldo then points his gun towards himself and pulls the trigger. 

Bagatsing's performance as the crazed Arnaldo earned him more than just a few fans, who admitted that they will miss his character despite his villainous intentions.