Robin asks Vina to be Isabella's godmother


Posted at Jan 23 2017 09:39 PM

MANILA -- Former lovers Robin Padilla and Vina Morales in good terms.

Padilla and Morales on Monday reunited at the commemoration of the declaration of the First Philippine Republic in Malolos, Bulacan. 

Apart from joining the event's parade, the duo also performed during the program. Padilla even serenaded Morales during their performance.

Morales captured the moment in a photo she uploaded on Instagram. 


A photo posted by Vina Morales (@vina_morales) on

"It's always fun singing with you bin @robinhoodpadilla 😊 Walang kupas ang iyong Kabaitan, tama na ang kagwapuhan haha 😅 Alam ko yan ang mas gusto mo marinig haha , happy that you're with your family now 😊❤️," the caption said. 

Padilla commented and asked Morales to be the godmother of his youngest daughter Isabella.

Robin asks Vina to be Isabella's godmother 1

Morales agreed: "Wow bin ☺️❤️ I'm touched , salamat sa tiwala ☺️❤️ Yes from Ninang Vina 🙋❤️ Always praying for your family ❤️" 

Padilla and his wife Mariel Rodriguez earlier pledged their support for Morales in her legal battle against her former boyfriend, businessman Cedric Lee.

Rodriguez and baby Isabella arrived in the country this month after staying in the U.S.