Did you know? Morissette wanted to quit singing after losing in 'The Voice'

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Jan 22 2022 01:34 PM | Updated as of Jan 23 2022 10:45 AM


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MANILA -- Now it can be told: When Morisette lost in “The Voice Philippines” in 2013, she told her mom she no longer wanted to sing.

“Ayoko muna at that time,” she told ABS-CBN News. 

Fortunately that was short-lived. She eventually realized that singing was what she really loved to do.

“I never won any of the singing contests and reality searches I joined in,” Morisette disclosed. “But I love what I’m doing. Gusto ko ang ginagawa ko. I’m here, naka-abot na ng 10 years. Patuloy lang ako.”

Even when she joined Himig Handog in 2014 and competed with Francis Louis “Kiko” Salazar’s ballad, “Akin Ka Na Lang,” Morisette merely landed as one of the finalists.

“Being able to sing, I’m just really grateful they trusted me,” she said. “Akin Ka Na Lang didn’t win ‘Himig Handog,’ but I have a song that people kind of associate with.”

Looking back on her first decade, Morisette realized all her successes really didn’t happen overnight. “It takes so much work, a lot of falling down, a lot of getting up,” she acknowledged. “There’s also the pressure. I like to embody someone who doesn’t give up.”

As part of her celebration of 10 years in the music industry, Morisette will hold her first digital concert, “Phoenix,” on January 23 and 24.

“Their favorites are sure to be in this concert,” Morisette offered “I was also very hands-on in picking the songs. Every song, there is a connection to me and has a special meaning to my heart. My favorite covers will be in the line-up.”

All the songs which the public surely missed will be squeezed in the line-up.

“Basagan ng lungs,” she smilingly beamed. “My mindset just working on the EP [extended play] and the originals, something na totoo talaga sa akin. My supporters will hear a touch of Jesse J, Ariana [Grande] or Mariah [Carey].

“Throughout the years, I have been able to try to sing different kinds of songs and not just the typical ballads. There will be new originals which I co-wrote and co-produced.”

Morisette really worked hard in putting up a great show. “My anniversary is really 2010, so 2020 should have been my 10th year in the industry,” she said. 

The original plan was to hold it in a big venue. “End of 2019, we had a meeting and we lined up everything for 2020,” she shared. “I was supposed to have a movie. I was supposed to do a musical. I wanted to work on originals. Pero nangyari ‘yung Taal, tapos nangyari ‘yung pandemic. There was so much that went on.

“For a while, nawala na sa isip namin to hold a concert. But we decided to take advantage that everyone is at home. We decided to produce a concert. We have amazing people who gave so much time to make this concert possible.”

This is the first time that Morisette is co-producing a concert. “I’m just super grateful to my team and my friends who continue to encourage me,” she said. “We are in a very tricky situation, but we just keep on moving forward.

“This concert is different for me. In this concert, I’m not just an artist. I’m also wearing that hat of a producer. So, there are many other things I also have to think about. 

“This is something that we cannot not celebrate. So, we’re finally sharing this with you. This is definitely challenging, but we pushed through with it. We shot this ‘Phoenix’ since October last year.”

“Phoenix” symbolizes rising from the ashes, from struggles. “It’s a constant reminder to everyone. Even if there were obstacles that happened. Let God handle the rest. That’s what I learned in this pandemic. We cannot control everything. We should allow God to comfort us," she said.

“I used to get inspired by my colleagues who can really write. I’ve never written a song my entire life. I never had the courage to. I guess the pandemic allowed for that to happen. Walang ibang magawa. You’re stuck with your thoughts. Write them down in a song.

“I’m happy that I saw the process. I learned it. It doesn’t happen overnight. I was able to appreciate after I saw the process. I became more understanding sa production team. Something that I didn’t seriously consider and experience before.”

This February, Morisette will be in the US with shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego. She is set to perform in casinos and is slated to stay until April.