After Regine, Catriona also hopes to work with Lea Salonga


Posted at Jan 22 2020 03:27 PM

MANILA – There’s no stopping Catriona Gray from widening her horizon now that her stint as Miss Universe has come to an end.

After sharing the stage with Regine Velasquez for a duet, which she described as a dream come true, Gray said she would also be honored if she would be given the chance to sing with Lea Salonga.

“That would be amazing. I have always looked up to her since I was a little girl. I admire how she was able to elevate Filipino talents to the international stage,” she was quoted to have said in an Inquirer article.

Gray mentioned that some of her favorite films growing up were “Aladdin” and “Mulan.” Salonga was the singing voice of Princess Jasmine and Fa Mulan in those two movies.

When asked if she’s also open to being a theater actress, she said: “I love watching musicals. And I was part of a local production of ‘Miss Saigon’ when I was 15. I hope I can explore that.” 

In a previous interview with ABS-CBN News, Gray said appearing and performing on various ABS-CBN shows actually makes her quite nervous.

“May bagong aspect in nervousness... I am used to walking on stage, talking on stage but when it comes to singing, I haven’t had that much experience pa so it gives me a little bit of nerves pa,” she said in an interview on Monday.

“But I feel that the more that I do it, the more sanay I will become to being on stage and performing. I really welcome the opportunities to learn and to grow. I am very thankful to have had these opportunities so far this year,” she continued.