'Saan mo gusto?' Piolo challenges basher who called him and his son gay


Posted at Jan 22 2019 08:13 PM

Piolo Pascual doesn't like when it when his bashers online call him and his son gay -- and he made that absolutely clear when he challenged one who did just that to a fistfight. 

It began when Instagram user @superleovi left a comment under a photo Pascual had posted. It was a photo of the actor and his son, Inigo, after they had finished a marathon in Jakarta last Sunday. 

"Mag-amang bakla," was what @superleovi wrote, to which Pascual responded by daring: "Ok game. San mo gusto?" 

Piolo Pascual challenged an online basher to a fistfight. Pascual's Instagram

The basher, whose profile is set to private, gamely accepted and appeared to have agreed with Pascual on a place to meet. 

A screenshot of Piolo Pascual's heated exchange with a basher. Pascual's Instagram

Under the same photo, Pascual's fans were critical of @superleovi, with some also accusing the user of being gay. They also urged the actor to stop from pushing through with his challenge. 

It's not the first time Pascual had to deal with rude comments about photos of him with his son. 

In 2016, he had to defend a photo of him being embraced by Inigo in bed. He said that their relationship has always been the "affectionate" kind and that he's already used to people making up stories.