WATCH: Janella reacts to kissing scene with Joshua in ‘Killer Bride’ finale


Posted at Jan 20 2020 07:58 PM

‘The Killer Bride’ lead stars Janella Salvador and Maja Salvador react to the former’s first onscreen kiss with her leading man Joshua Garcia in the series’ January 17 finale. ABS-CBN

MANILA — Janella Salvador was at once beaming and apparently self-conscious as she watched her first onscreen kiss, as shown in the final episode of “The Killer Bride” last Friday.

Janella’s reaction to her acting milestone was captured during the thanksgiving party of the ABS-CBN series. The gathering of its cast and crew included a viewing of “The Killer Bride’s” finale as it aired on television.

At the conclusion of the gothic drama, Janella’s character, Emma, and Elias, portrayed by Joshua Garcia, finally had a chance at love, with the tumult of Las Espadas behind them.

Their happy ending is sealed with a kiss on the lips — a scene that triggered shrieks during “The Killer Bride” staff party.

Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador’s love team, ‘Joshnella,’ was launched via ‘The Killer Bride.’ ABS-CBN

Janella, seated beside co-lead Maja Salvador, appeared awkward seeing the romantic moment, as she partly covered her eyes. Maja, meanwhile, joined the cheering at the venue, before sharing a hug with her real-life distant niece.

Joshua and Janella previously described the formation of their tandem, now dubbed “Joshnella,” as a case of “perfect timing.” The two had been cast in a number of projects together as early as 2016, but none of them ever made it to the screen — until “The Killer Bride” in August 2019.

Aside from Janella’s reaction to “Joshnella’s” first onscreen kiss, the video of “The Killer Bride” finale party also showed other cast members watching their respective scenes, as well as Maja’s tearful “sign-off” as Camila dela Torre.

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