Is Chynna pregnant? Kean refuses to confirm rumors


Posted at Jan 21 2016 02:39 AM

MANILA - Singer Kean Cipriano refused to address Chynna Ortaleza's pregnancy rumors, declining to reveal any other details about his married life with the actress. 

Speaking at a press conference for the upcoming film "Love is Blind," the 28-year-old Cipriano explained his decision to keep things between him and Ortaleza private.

"Like what I said, that post on Instagram is the farthest that we can go," he said, referring to a photo he posted on his personal account of him wearing his wedding ring.

"We talked about it na anything regarding out personal lives, family, we want to keep the details to ourselves. It's that sacred to us. And I would like to thank each and everyone who respect our decision," he added.

Cipriano continued that he has always been private when it comes to his personal relationships: "It's really hard to be private in a public arena pero it's pretty amazing how you keep it because it becomes more special."

The rumors about Ortaleza's pregnancy stemmed from her post on her Instagram account promoting her husband's upcoming film. Based on the photo, many assumed that Ortaleza had a "baby bump."

Asked about how he plans to tackle those who criticize them for choosing to remain silent amid the speculations, Cipriano said: "We all have our freedom of expressing our insights, comments."

"The fact that we live in the world of Internet nowadays, ngayon lahat ng tao puwede mag-comment at puwede magsalita. I respect their decision to post their comments."