Ex-PBB housemate suffers miscarriage


Posted at Jan 20 2016 06:13 PM

MANILA - Former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Wendy Valdez has suffered a miscarriage, she confirmed on her Instagram account on Wednesday.

The 33-year-old Valdez, who first admitted that she was two weeks pregnant last December, shared that her doctor discovered that she had a blighted ovum, which meant that her fertilized egg did not develop into an embryo.

She wrote as the caption to a photo of her latest ultrasound: "I felt sad. My dreams and visions changed. And then I told myself. 'GOD IS IN CONTROL.' HE is faithful and His plans are great for me and my family."

Valdez continued: "In just a few moments I have accepted it and thought of plans for me and my husband this Valentines season coming along. We would have each other to have fun and enjoy each other just the two of us. And when my body is ready, we can try again."

"For me, it worked for the good because I have experienced a week where my husband took care of me selflessly and I really felt loved by him. He would remind me to take my meds."

"I would see that we can be selfless because we are afraid that we might lose the baby if we choose to be angry and entertain pride when we fight. We saw that selflessness is possible and we can aim for that even with or without the fear of miscarrying because of stress."

"Great lessons learned. Hearts revealed. Relationship tested and our bond became even stronger. Sacrifices seen. A glimpse of selfless love. All because of what had happened. And the rest, we leave to God. After all, life is not about my happiness, its about God's name being glorified," Valdez concluded her post.

Valdez and her non-showbiz boyfriend, Normann Garcia, tied the knot in a garden wedding ceremony at Hillcreek Gardens in Tagaytay City last December 8.

Valdez was previously married to fellow "PBB" housemate Bruce Quebral in 2009. Their marriage was officially annulled in 2012.

Valdez was the third big winner on the second season of "PBB" which was won by Beatriz Saw.