Aubrey Miles, children test positive for COVID-19


Posted at Jan 19 2022 12:00 PM

MANILA -- Actress Aubrey Miles and her two children, Hunter and Rocket, have also tested positive for novel coronavirus. 

Miles's long-time partner Troy Montero announced the news through a social media post just a day after he confirmed that he contracted the virus.


A post shared by Troy Montero (@troymontero)

"Aubrey & the kids tested positive for COVID today so we’re all back together again. Not the reunion I was hoping for but it is what it is. Aubrey’s symptoms seem to be very similar to mine. Very dry cough, headache, body ache, slight fever & chills, body fatigue," Montero wrote on his Instagram page.

"Rocket has a fever and dry cough, diarrhea but at least she has an appetite. Hunter has hardly any signs or symptoms. Might cough a bit here and there but says he feels fine," Montero added.

According to Montero, Miles' son Maurie is free from COVID-19. Maurie is Miles' child from a previous relationship.

Montero also thanked those who are praying for their recovery.

"We’ll hope for the best. So lots of fluids, vitamins, supplements, paracetamol & Tempra when needed. So now that we’re all together, set the COVID clock to Day 1," he said.

"Thanks to everyone for all the kind words of support. We’ll need it more than ever in the coming days. Stay safe out there and please take care," Montero said.