Xia to play Shirley Temple in Hollywood project?


Posted at Jan 19 2017 03:12 PM | Updated as of Jan 19 2017 11:02 PM

MANILA -- Her impersonation of Taylor Swift has already garnered global recognition but child star Xia Vigor may be just warming up for her biggest transformation yet.

And we're not talking about this weekend's episode of "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids," where she has been tasked to copy rocker Axl Rose.

In a report of UK's MailOnline, Xia's father Alan Vigor announced that his 7-year-old daughter is being considered to play Shirley Temple, probably the most famous child star of all time, in a Hollywood project.

"A Hollywood director contacted us and said he wants her over in America. He said: 'I've been waiting all my life for the next Shirley Temple and I've finally found her.' I can't tell you who the director is – it's top secret at the moment," Mr. Vigor told MailOnline.

Mr. Vigor said the director is now persuading Xia's mother Christy Bernardo to consider the offer.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vigor also reacted to British journalist Piers Morgan's opinion that Xia is being "sexualized."

"He's wrong," Vigor told MailOnline. "We know the bigger picture over here so we don't worry about Piers Morgan." 

"People may say she's on TV and I'm exploiting her but she does many things people don't see. At Christmas we visited a poor village and she gave her toys away to the children there," he added.