Troy Montero tests positive for COVID-19, now in isolation


Posted at Jan 18 2022 12:01 PM

MANILA -- Troy Montero had tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is now in isolation, he announced on Monday as he posted photos of him and the result of his antigen test. 


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In the caption of his post, Montero shared that he set up his recovery area in their garage. 

"I tested positive for COVID-19 (both RT-PCR and antigen) After a positive antigen test, I went straight to the garage to set up my little recovery camp while scheduling a RT-PCR test ... This was always our plan, if one of us caught the virus," Montero wrote.

"My symptoms: Sipon, like a cold, dry cough, fever, splitting headache, body ache, legs, forearms, my elbow joints, my ribs and hips. Besides the headache, the body ache for me is the worst feeling. It’s like sitting down but you can never get comfortable. You’re always shifting and moving every few seconds. It’s that painful," he added.

But by the fourth day of his isolation, Montero said he is feeling better.

"I have been taking supplements and medicine for recovery and I am definitely feeling better. Symptoms are now quite mild on Day 4. I will continue my isolation until all COVID symptoms have passed. Then I’ll test again both RT-PCR and antigen," he said.

Before ending his post, Montero, who was scheduled to have his booster shot this month, encouraged everyone to get vaccinated and to stay safe.

"Praying for the safety of my family as a watch them from a distance. Stay safe out there, get vaccinated and please take care," he said, promising to continue giving updates.

Montero is the long-time partner of actress Aubrey Miles. They have to children Hunter and Rocket. Miles also has a son from a previous relationship.