Lotlot de Leon tells those who are also adopted: 'Never be ashamed'


Posted at Jan 18 2022 02:58 PM

MANILA – Lotlot de Leon took to social media to share her message to those who, like her, were also adopted.

“So let’s just put this out here already! Yes, I am adopted and yes, I am also human! I am not a commodity, I am my own person who have feelings too,” she wrote on Instagram.

Despite being adopted, the screen veteran said she is grateful for many things in her life, including “all the good and bad things that I have been through because those are what molded me to be who I am today.”

“I accept what was and what is! I will keep on moving forward owning this life that was given to me,” she said.

Addressing those who are also adopted, she said: “Never be ashamed of where you came from and your story! Continue to live your life because this is 100 percent yours! Love those who truly love you!”

De Leon likewise had a message for those who keep on discriminating against adopted kids.

“Let go of the bigotry. It’s so unbecoming of a supposed ‘human being’! #hindiakorobot.”

De Leon’s post came days after a netizen commented in one of her recent updates questioning her current relationship with her adoptive mother, veteran actress Nora Aunor.

De Leon’s adoptive parents are Aunor and Christopher de Leon, who have long separated.