‘MMK’: Arci Muñoz stars in episode about learning to love again


Posted at Jan 17 2021 01:47 AM

‘MMK’: Arci Muñoz stars in episode about learning to love again 1
Arci Muñoz and Ejay Falcon star in this episode of "MMK" about trying to love again after being cheated on. 

MANILA — “2 Love Again” —the episode’s title— isn’t exactly filled with romance. 

Instead, there is an understanding that happiness is best found within oneself first and foremost, and sensitivity in trying to take off the rose-tinted glasses some might have in viewing second chances. 

It is structured in a way that we are first asked to invest in Karla, played by Arci Muñoz, and her dejected heart, caused by Gio, her partner of 10 years who has a problem in that he’s attracted to infidelity. It’s a continuation of a story once featured on the show two years back, when the guy was also caught cheating.

The focus then shifts to another similarly broken romantic potential, Ralph (Ejay Falcon), and here Karla realizes her unhealthy fixation in trying to change people. It happened with Gio, and now with Ralph and his trust issues, born out of being cheated on himself and being left with a kid. 

Now, of course the idea of helping someone to become better isn’t exactly bad in itself. But, as we see thoroughly through Karla, having this goal of fixing something about your partner is perhaps not the best reason to stay in a relationship. 

This message ties the first and second act of the episode together, and gives us a love story with a bit of depth —Karla and Gio had their moment, but there’s absolutely no point in giving a person who doesn’t want to change a third chance. Same with Ralph, who is clearly not ready to love again. This burden of righting wrongs and untangling dredged-up emotions are perhaps a bit too heavy of a task to ask another person to carry them for you, or even with you. 

“2 Love Again” might have started with a hint that Karla would find love by believing in other people, but it turned into a reminder about the importance of taking care of oneself first. 

Only then can a person help someone else truly grow. 

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