Morissette reveals she and fiancé Dave Lamar both got COVID-19


Posted at Jan 16 2022 09:29 PM

MANILA - Singer Morissette Amon took to social media to share her and her fiancé, Dave Lamar's COVID-19 ordeal.

In an Instagram post, Amon shared that both she and Lamar tested positive for the virus and had mild symptoms.


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However, she had a condition called diverticulitis, which affects the colons, which was why she was hospitalized.

"For the past week, I was confined in the hospital since Sunday evening. Both @davejlamar and I tested positive for Covid with mild flu-like symptoms, but I was admitted due to an issue in my colon called Diverticulitis. I had to take several IV medications which unfortunately triggered my super bad headaches then lead to vomiting...I couldn't even eat 'cause I'd just throw it all up," she wrote.

She also thanked Lamar for staying in the hospital with her even though he had already been discharged.

"Thank God for DJ who was discharged earlier but stayed in the hospital room with me to keep me company," Amon added.

Lamar also posted photos of him and Amon in the hospital on his Facebook page.


"What a crazy year this week has been! All I can say is thank you Jesus for your strength," he wrote.

Both Amon and Lamar have been discharged and were allowed to continue with their quarantine at home.

Amon and Lamar have been engaged since September 2020 although they only announced it in December.

They have yet to announce when they are actually tying the knot.