WATCH: ‘Killer Bride’ goes full horror with Camila’s death


Posted at Jan 15 2020 12:56 AM

The ghost of Camila (Maja Salvador) haunts Agnes (Mara Lopez) in the January 14 episode of ‘The Killer Bride.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — “The Killer Bride” has gone full horror with the death of Camila (Maja Salvador), the titular character who once faked possessions and haunting out of vengeance, and whose actual ghost now roams Las Espadas with deeper rage.

In the January 14 episode of the ABS-CBN drama, the ghost of Camila claimed its first victim: Agnes (Mara Lopez), her former best friend who betrayed her and sided with her nemesis, Alice (Lara Quigaman).

Whereas for the most part of the series, apparitions of the “killer bride” were all smoke and mirrors, this time Camila actually became it bloodied in a bridal gown.

The paranormal twist of “The Killer Bride,” which comes as it nears its January 17 conclusion, extends beyond Camila’s return as a ghoul.

In a teaser for its past few episodes, Emma (Janella Salvador), who once pretended to be possessed by the “killer bride,” appears to have actually become a vessel of Camila’s ghost — to finish once and for all her quest for justice.

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