Aga, Charlene Muhlach test positive for COVID-19 in US


Posted at Jan 12 2022 05:59 PM

Photo from Charlene Gonzales' Instagram account
Photo from Charlene Gonzales' Instagram account

Celebrity couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach have contracted the COVID-19 while in the United States, they both announced on Instagram. 

According to Charlene, she started to feel several symptoms just before 2021 ended and just took over-the-counter medicines, which worked in the next couple of days. 

“My symptoms started on Dec 30 & 31. After taking initial over the counter medicine, I felt OK for the next couple days but had continuous nausea & fatigue. I was testing negative during this time but isolated right away the moment I felt symptoms,” she explained on her social media account.

However, the beauty queen-turned actress felt sick anew on January 4. It was the same time when her husband Aga showed some symptoms of coronavirus too. 

“We tested again & this time our tests came out positive. From then on, It was an up and down feeling of being sick & monitoring. One day you're OK... one day your not... but we are so happy that we are making our path towards recovery,” she said. 


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Charlene was grateful that both of them are fully vaccinated against the virus and shared that their son, Andres, tested negative in his swab test despite spending the holidays with them.

“Andres tested negative in his PCR test, has no symptoms, was cleared by the doctor and was able to make it back to school safely in Spain. Andres is COVID-free,” she quipped.

Charlene said they will be returning to the Philippines when they are declared COVID-free. 

“We will be back home as soon as we are cleared, recovered and COVID-free. Sa lahat ng mga kababayans natin. I pray for everyone’s safety & speedy recovery for all that may be going through the same experience,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Aga took to Instagram to thank the Filipino healthcare workers in the US for taking good care of them as they battle the coronavirus, which has been plaguing the world for two years already.

“Nothing but gratitude for these group of Filipino medical professionals for taking care of me and my wife fight COVID,” he said.