Pregnancy test kit? Alex raids Toni's bag in hilarious new vlog


Posted at Jan 12 2018 11:09 PM

MANILA – Alex Gonzaga is at it again.

The actress-host, who has proven to be a natural comedienne, posted Friday the latest episode of her YouTube vlog series. This time, she enlisted sister Toni as the subject of her “bag raid.”

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Shot during Christmastime, the nearly 9-minute video sees the sisters casually unpacking Toni’s bag and enumerating its contents. At one point, the younger Alex got what she referred to as a “pregnancy test,” apparently in jest.

Toni shrugged off Alex’s teasing, before shooting back: “For you!” The banter got an annoyed reaction from their mom, Pinty, who was out of the frame, triggering laughs from the playful sisters.

Candid “kalog” moments such as this, as described by Alex’s viewers, are seen as the main draw of her YouTube channel, which now nearly has half a million followers in just 5 months.

Averaging a million views each, Alex’s vlogs cover a range of topics, from her personal vacations, behind-the-scenes footage of her shows, to covers of popular songs with a comedic twist.

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