Herbert Bautista tells Kris Aquino: 'Kahit na successful ka, love kita'


Posted at Jan 11 2021 12:30 PM

MANILA – Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista left their followers feeling giddy over the former TV host’s most recent post on social media.

In her Instagram page, Aquino shared a 7-minute clip of her and Bautista doing the “He Said, She Said” challenge where they talked about various topics including love, second chances and success, among others.


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“I didn’t believe my mom before but now I do. She always said it. For it to be love, it has to bring out the best in you. Love should make you want to be a better person and you should want that person to shine,” said Aquino.

Bautista then said that “love is sacrifice” but Aquino insisted that it should feel like one when it’s real love.

“But because nga dahil love mo, it doesn’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything. Parang it just flows,” she said.

Aquino also said she does not believe in second chances.

“Kung hindi niya napa-work the first time around, there was a reason. You have been married. I’ve been married. Sabihin ko na lang na ilang times kong triny. You know when it’s broken and I’ve said it also na once it’s broken, the people trying to pick up those broken pieces end up na pareho silang sugatan. So kapag basag na talaga, let it go,” she said.

Attempting to lighten up the mood, Bautista quipped: “Wala pa ngang first chance, second chance na kaagad?”

The two likewise shared their idea of a perfect date.

“Hindi nga ako marunong mag-date eh. Ako kasi mahilig ako sa group date. Hindi 'yung date na dalawa lang kayo,” said the former Quezon City mayor.

Aquino, for her part, shared that her ideal date is spending it inside a vehicle “just so that it remains private.”

“Because I’m not allowed to be seen so ang hirap nun ‘di ba? Just so that it remains private, so the easiest thing to do is mag-drive thru. I had this mistaken notion na basta naka-shades na ako, hindi na ako mapapansin sa drive thru. So nag-drive thru tapos nag-hello sa akin tapos sabi ko hi. 'Yun lang. It’s stupid,” she said.

Aquino said she also likes long drives where they could talk about basically anything.

“People who have gotten to know me and have gotten to know me on an intimate level know na hindi talaga puwede to go anywhere without someone mentioning it to someone and it becomes an issue already,” she said.

Towards the end of the clip, the two talked about how important success is in their lives.

“Para sa akin ang measurement ng success is kung paano mo napalaki ang anak mo. We cannot measure success with whatever we have or kung ano man ang dinaanan natin sa buhay. Para sa akin, kung napagtapos mo ang anak mo, maganda ang kanyang buhay, he’s a good citizen, successful na ako. That’s for me the measure of success,” Bautista said first.

Aquino, meanwhile, reiterated what she previously told Bautista that success is a “double-edged sword.” “Sabi ko I think you would have loved me more if I was less successful,” she said.

But it was Bautista’s response that sent their followers abuzz. “Kahit na successful ka, love kita,” he said.

As of writing, Aquino’s post has been viewed more than 264,000 times and has close to a thousand comments. 

Several netizens commented about Aquino and Bautista’s chemistry even though they are not in a relationship. Some even urged Aquino to post a second part of the video saying seven minutes is not enough.

Back in 2014, Aquino revealed that Bautista had asked for her hand in marriage when she opened up about their short-lived romance.

Prior to Bautista, Aquino was married to PBA star James Yap although their marriage was eventually nullified.

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